There are a few ways we can work together. 

The Discovery Session & One-on-one Training

Custom one-on-one training is for the person who wants to sharpen their own skills in an area of life that's important to them. This could be in effective communication, public speaking, creating a new relationship, strengthening an existing connection, finding one's passion, or career direction. One-on-one training begins with THE DISCOVERY SESSION.

Group Training & Retreat Facilitation

Offering small and medium size group training in workshops and in extended development programs, such as facilitating theme-based retreats for groups. I have a curriculum of programs that can be completed in a group setting, and I also facilitate retreats on themes requested by organisations.

The 10 Year Plan

In this 6 month one-on-one coaching package, we work together to to create and implement a future plan that gets at the heart of what you really want in your future and what legacy you want to leave. This program gives you the time to get back in touch with the bigger picture and what's most important to you - at work, at home, and with yourself.